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Originally Posted by jmartino5920 View Post
Sorry to quote myself but I wanted to clarify my potentially controversial standpoint. And I do not wish to start any arguments, I am not know around the forums for anything like that and I don't plan to start today.

I just want to say that abhorrent human behavior, crimes like the one this man is alleged to have committed, make me question the nature of our "fair" justice system. I just think that if, in a perfect world in which convictions could be 100% correct, you commit certain crime that we should not be paying taxes to house these people for a lifetime or for years on end leading up to a death sentence.

Basically, if we had a concept of "no doubt" as a different level of conviction that superseded "reasonable doubt" we could have a better society. People who commit crimes against children make me red and furious.

Again, I don't wish to start any argument but I had to get this off my chest.

Thank you for listening and respecting my words, even if you do not agree. Guides and Mods: feel free to remove this if you see fit. I hope that I used wording that falls within the construct of our rules and guiding principles.

Jmar, HanSolo may argue the point, but I respectfully maintain that we no longer have a justice system: we now have a LEGAL system.

And it's one of the worst travesties that ever happened to this great country. If we get back to genuine JUSTICE, we'd be far better off and garbage like sexual offenses against KIDS wouldn't be a near daily news story. My 0.02

I have my own ideas on how to deal with this scumbag, but I'll keep them to myself because it WOULD offend

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