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Originally Posted by yavierp View Post
hey guys! i am new to this forum, and i wanted to share with you something that has saved my life; well, my battery. It's a good and super easy way to turn off your 4g on your lg esteem, so the cellphone runs only on 3g/1x. Here it is:

1. Go to play store and search for an app called "any cut". Download it (obviously! :d)

2. After you download it, open it and choose the option that says "new shortcut."

3. After choosing new shortcut, select the option that says "activity."

4. Here's the crazy part. Scroll a long way down until you find "network settings" (don't worry, it's in alphabetical order, so you'll notice when you're close). Note: You'll find yourself with two (2) options that say network options. You must choose the first one... The second one would be the same screen you find in "settings."

5. After selecting it, rename it to whatever you please (i named it "network").

6. Select ok and done! Now you have a shortcut in your cellphone to switch to cdma or lte! :d

now, here's one thing. When you open that shortcut, you'll find 3 options: Cdma, lte and hybrid operation (which is lte & cdma combined). You'll find that your phone is on hybrid mode right now, so when you want to switch to cdma just select it, and your phone will reset. After this, you can enjoy more battery life without the 4g!

When you wish to go back to 4g, just select again hybrid operation. Note: Don't select the lte option, because, in the case that you encounter an area with no 4g, you won't have any data at all. When you select the hybrid operation mode, another option screen will appear with "automatic" and "manual". Choose automatic so the phone will choose the 4g signal by itself (in manual you only have one option, verizon, so you might as well select automatic and be happy!)

i don't know if someone posted this before, or if there's a better and easier way to do this, but this works perfect for my lg esteem, and it was easy to do!

I hope you guys like it, have a nice day!
first welcome to af bro ,but please please before posting anything use the search button on the right hand side we already have a thread on this ,i know ur new and maybe u didnt know JUST next time just search bfor postING thx and welcome:d

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