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Flashed CleanROM 4.5 Standard + the GB firmware patch.

Problem #1: SwitchPro. When I press the "Lock screen" widget in SwitchPro, the phone goes to sleep and stays asleep. Only way to wake phone is to pull the battery and reboot.

Problem #2: Incredikernel beta3-1. Cannot flash it from stock recovery. I get "signature verification failed" error. I think the reason is that that version of Incredikernel is for GB and CleanROM 4.5 is ICS. Hopefully I can find an overclocking kernel for ICS. (UPDATE) I found an overclocking kernel by SebastianFM. The thread says it can be installed with any ROM. I get the same "signature verification failed" error. Anyone know what causes this? (UPDATE 2) I know... I can flash the kernel from AmonRa but not from stock recovery. Interesting. The kernel works at least. Still doesn't make the phone as snappy as with my GB setup. Those stupid animation transitions.

I'm used to the fast performance of my previous setup. Without Incredikernel, the phone is significantly slower.

I don't like the animation of screen changing. Just slows down the device even more. With GB I could turn that off. I cannot find the equivalent setting in ICS. (UPDATE) Found it ! They hid it well in ICS. Settings > Develop option > Window animation scale and Transition animation scale.

Still playing.
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