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Originally Posted by MWRed View Post
A lot of flack is taken for this, but there's two things I can't stand about these bands: The voices singing, and the constant bombarding of overplay for the last 30 years.

I simply cannot stand to hear any more Led Zep or Rush ever again.
I kid you not, our classic rock station here plays a song from both at least hourly. I havce never liked either anyway, but it's sickening having no choice but to hear it at work all day. Can only get 3 stations inside the building, and the other 2 are current pop crap (Britney, Kesha, Adele, that kind of stuff).
You and I are on the same page. I used to live for Zeppelin and other bands from that era. Now I can't stand it. And you mentioned a few of my least favorite pop acts also. Kesha...sounds like a valley girl who's rich daddy like paid for her radio slot, like totally. Adele...clearly talented but that rasp/break in her voice is used in every verse and it went from unique to incredibly annoying in a matter of weeks.
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