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Originally Posted by thornev View Post
I'd like to try installing the full-ICS monty, but all the threads are confusing as to how to do it. Too many "if you're on this configuration, do this, otherwise do that." I think I want to:

0. Backup everything !
1. Install latest jpBear ICS HBOOT.
2. Install latest firmware: (no ROM is included)
3. Reinstall CleanROM 4.5 and then its NEW firmware patch.
4. Reinstall the overclocking kernel.
5. Reboot.

What's confusing is when I'll be able to use Fastboot commands and, if I can't (but I think I can since it's jpBear), do I install this stuff from the device's Fastboot screen or Bootleader screen or from recovery? I have GB jpBear HBOOT now so I should be able to use Fastboot to boot AmonRa so I can flash all the ZIP files above, correct?

The web site instructions for step 2 above are a little confusing: [HBOOT] Gingerbread and ICS Hboot/radio combos - xda-developers

Are multiple reboots required in between?
using your steps:
0. Backup everything !
2. Install latest firmware: (no ROM is included)
1. Install latest jpBear ICS HBOOT.
3. Reinstall CleanROM 4.5 (neither firmware patch is needed)
4. Reinstall the overclocking kernel.
5. Reboot.

or,if you have the patched gb hboot you could:

0. Backup everything !
3. Reinstall CleanROM 4.5 (neither firmware patch is needed)
4. Reinstall the overclocking kernel.
2. Install latest firmware: (no ROM is included)
1. Install latest jpBear ICS HBOOT.
5. Reboot.

so you had it pretty close

also dont forget you can swap the stock 2.25 hboot out for the jpbear ICS hboot,and combine steps 2 and 1 into one step. if you flash them seperately,youll need to flash jpbear second,as the firmware patch contains the stock 2.25 hboot that will overwrite jpbear if you had flashed that prior

the new firmware patch is needed if you want to install your gingerbread backup on the ICS firmwear,its not needed when running an ICS rom on ICS fimrware

you can use fastboot commands as soon as youve installed jpbear,and rebooted into it. so if your using a PH98IMG on the sd card you could:
-boot to hboot(power/vol down)
-let hboot install fimrware
-pull battery.
-remove ph98img by putting sd into card reader into PC
-boot back to fastboot on hboot screen
*should be on jpbear hboot after battery pull. fastboot commands are now available.

how i would do it(using this method):
-put new firmware file(containing jpbear hboot) into mini-adb_vigor
-put rom and kernel onto sd card
-open cmd,enable usb debug,plug in phone
-boot to fastboot(adb reboot bootloader)
-launch amon(fastboot boot recoveryname.img)
-backup,wipe,flash rom,flash kernel
-boot back to bootloader(adb reboot bootloader)
-flash new fimrware:
fastboot erase cache
fastboot oem rebootRUU
fastboot flash zip
(if it fails with a hboot pre-update,dont panic,its normal. just repeat the above command and run it again)
-after it finishes,
fastboot reboot-bootloader
-confirm you have jpbear hboot(i forget the ICS version number off the top of my head)
-reboot into your new rom(fastboot reboot)

this is about the quickest way to flash a new rom and upgrade firmware. i launch amon first,as if you flashe the fiumrware second,you may get "cant mount" errors when launching amon after the firmware flash. its no big deal,but requres a reboot to get amon running again,wich you cant really do because youre rom is different than your firmware. plus you have to wait for the reboot doing it as described gets it pretty much all done in one shot with one reboot after rom and fimrware are flashed.

hope that helps
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