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Originally Posted by dkl1 View Post
I understand. However, SPRINT should have been 'honest' and forthcoming with their sales associates and just told them the truth so they would have a consistent 'story' across their market. Instead, they allowed the clerks to 'make up their own stories' as to the arrival of a system that the upper eschelon class knew would never see the light of day! Honesty truly is the best policy...IMHO!
I worked for Sprint when Wimax was being deployed. Never did Sprint tell their associates to say there would be Wimax when there wouldn't be. They also can't control everything that comes out the sales employees mouths.

You act as though Sprints Sales associates are the only to have ever lied. Go to several car dealerships and ask if their car is the best or if their service is, I guarantee you each dealership will say theirs is the best every single time.

Moral of the story? Do your own research before deciding on a purchase.
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