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Originally Posted by MonsterNo7 View Post
My question is, how is dev on the Evo? Are there decent roms out? Leslie Ann, will you be doing an Evo Harmonia?
It's one of the top ten most dev'd phones on XDA.
over 300 threads in the dev section, more than almost any other phone except Evo 4G. To put that in perspective, the OV forum there has 60 and even major phones like the Galaxy S2, has only around 200.

Yes, there will be a Harmonia 3 (ICS) almost right away (Maybe before we have the phone even), and more than likely a Harmonia 2 (GB). I can actually build Harmonia 2 for it at any time by using CM7, and just patching MMS. I already did it for Evo 4G and Shift for people with ported phones, and a few have done it for the Epic as well, it takes all of 5 minutes.

Most Sprint ICS, MIUI, GB, and CM7 roms can be patched to make MMS work in a matter of minutes. Sense on the other hand... No.

Originally Posted by G19 View Post
The 3d is probably the only thing I don't care about at all. There is a ton of development and support for the evo. Unfortunately there are no roms for the evo 4g V yet because it hasn't been released. There's no telling if it'll get as much support as the sprint version.
See above.

Originally Posted by MonsterNo7 View Post
What about the Sprint roms though? Are they decent? I'm sure the first roms for the vm Evo will be ports from the Sprint version.
See above.

Originally Posted by MonsterNo7 View Post
Does anyone know if the One V will have 4g? I've been looking at specs on the two, and the One V is very tempting at 200 dollars. That's 100 dollars less than the Evo. As much as I'd like the 3d, I've gotta look at price. On the plus side, they're both running ICS and Sense 4.
I don't believe the OneV has a wimax radio. I would ignore the 4g as being a bonus on the Evo V instead of a feature because it's so limited and chews up batteries.

Also, while the OneV will be a nice phone, and capable of running anythig on the market (except GTA3), it's only going to fall further behind (the Evo V is actually current, the 1.2 dual core is an underclocked dual 1.5). Don't get me wrong, the OneV will be a great phone. It's similar in spec to the much loved Evo 4G (which I have and love), so it will be nice, but we have no idea how developers will take to it, or how hard it will be to root, no 4g, and you still lose grandfathered status.

If you can afford it, you really should consider the Evo V, but if not, the OneV will still be nice and be the second best phone on Virgin (followed by the OV in my opinion). I plan on putting my mom on one as she doesn't need a V, or root. She is still on my old Blackberry so a OneV will be world changing as it is, but being someone used to a hacked OV, you really will benefit more from the Evo V.

I hope the devs latch onto the OneV, it would be great to have both well supported, but if you are really considering it, and you are used to playing with your phone, either get the Evo V, or wait and see what happens with the OneV before you buy because the dev community just may skip it (which will be a shame).

Originally Posted by benslgdroid View Post
I don't know but they did a silent release of the optimus elite and its just 3g and 175.00
$149 at Walmart.
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