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While I do enjoy this site, I have to agree with comments I have seen regarding the "subscription". I have no problem with sites asking for donations, but they generally always over-exaggerate their need. It seems once sites get large, they generally attempt to cash in with "donations". IMO $40/yr just for less ads and a fancy button is a bit steep, when ya can just get it free anyway with ad blockers.

I can see your host is according to the forum emails, and their largest package (for resellers) is only $49.95/mo for unlimited everything .. and their ecommerce addon is just $199 anually. Based on the 21,000-ish active members on here, I don't really see the justification in $40/yr.

Figure even if only 200 out of that 21k "donate" for premium.. that's $666/mo. I haven't seen any numbers of paid subscribers, but it's not difficult to figure out how much potential for income there is in this strategy. If even 5% of the active userbase contributes.. we're talking $3500/mo in "donations".

I'm not trying to cause problems, it just irks me seeing every forum I'm on pulling this donation stuff. Site hosting gets cheaper and cheaper, yet costs to site owners are always going up. Not even about 5 years ago you rarely seen anyone asking for money for their vBulletin sites, and hosting was significantly higher priced.

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