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If Sprint does not have LTE coverage in Phoenix by April or May of 2013, I will be forced to switch to Verizon when I upgrade next year. I've waited and waited for WiMax to come to Phoenix & now it's never coming. This time (next year) I wont be counting my 4G chickens before they hatch.

I'm incredibly disappointed because as a company alone, I love Sprint... but I can't wait for 4G coverage any longer & frankly I don't have much faith when they say "it's coming to your area soon". Not after what happen with WiMax.

Verizon gets better reception in my area too. (Which is a densely populated urban area, I'm not out on the boonies or anything.) My friends are both with Verizon and they get full 4G, 3G, and calls when they visit me. In the same location I don't get 4G (obviously), I barely get 3G (128kb/s), and I have to have a land-line to make most phone calls. It's a hassle.

Love Android, Love HTC, Love Sprint... Hate my Sprint coverage.

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