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Originally Posted by nothingman76 View Post

I think that the key is to first install the usb driver which you find under the Win32Driver folder inside the Installation directory...
If you have join me installed the driver step can be skipped.

Anyway I decided to edit this thread to make it easier to read, and more newbie friendly.

To have the phone updated you need:

A working XP32 machine and the drivers installed (either from join me sw or the ones included on the 02b08 one click updater package)

Then :

#1 Download, decompress and install the 02b08 one click updater (archive's PW is zte_u960)
[if you need them, the older 02b06 and 02b07 versions are still available for download]

#2 replace the file RF.ZTE with the one I've uploaded here
the file location is usually C:\Program Files\ZTE\DL_U960_CMCC_CHN_EU\version\) but the location could be slightly different depending on Windows' language and drive installation.

#2b If you want the adb support in recovery you can use the newer Catty's recovery, download it here (rename recovery.img as RF.ZTE then follow the step #2 instructions)

#3 Start the update process using the previously installed updater

#4 If the process went trough correctly (dial *983*154# to check your actual version) and the phone rebooted correctly, you can turn it off and reboot it in recovery mode (turn it ON keeping the power button and Volume UP depressed) and apply the update package I prepared to get the phone rooted and gapps installed in one step.

#5 you can (optionally) flash one of the modded/overclocked 2b08 kernels i pubblished here

#5b alternatively you can flash also one of Catty's mod kernels to get the 1.4Ghz overclock and init.d function (see the linked post), are based on the old 2b06 rom, but should work w/o any problem on 02b07 and 02b08.
Is better to wipe the phone after this step to avoid market problems.

#6 If, after the flashing process, the USB function of the phone doesn't work as expected (E.g., no USB storage available), you may need to use the set mode utility to switch it back to its original behavior. (select the option on the left and confirm with the button on the left)

#6b You can get the same effect dialing *983*87274# and then selecting the first option (thanks to nothingman76, who spotted this info)

[Edit 15/05/2012]

replaced the root + gapps market package that had some problems with the market with the V2 (root + gapps/playstore), if you have already downloaded it, please redownload and reaply the update.

[Edit 10/06/2012]

Here you can find the update package to 2b07.

(It's meant to be applied via recovery after the official 2B06 process described above).

Here you can also find the 2B07 Spreadstrum baseband (SIM 1 baseband).

(it's meant to be installed via research download sw, you can find it on post #65)

[Edit 24/06/2012]

Added packages and instructions to update directly to 02b07

Adedd Catty's recovery link

some instruction's refinements

[Edit 20/07/2012]

Added packages and instructions to update directly to 02b08

[Edit 23/07/2012]

Added link to 2b08 OCed kernels.
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