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so add a lil more info:

how i would do it(using this method):
-put new firmware file(containing jpbear hboot) into mini-adb_vigor
-put rom and kernel onto sd card
-open cmd,enable usb debug,plug in phone
-boot to fastboot(adb reboot bootloader)
-launch amon(fastboot boot recoveryname.img)
-backup,wipe,flash rom,flash kernel
-boot back to bootloader(adb reboot bootloader)
-flash new fimrware:
fastboot erase cache
you should see a confirmation that its been done in the cmd window
fastboot oem rebootRUU
will boot you into the black screen with htc in the middle(this is ruu mode)
fastboot flash zip
it may take some time for this to start. there may be a pause,then another pause as it is "sending..." then it will check main version,signiture,etc. since youre s-off,it automatically passes all the checks.once you see image[xxxxx] unzipping & flushing.. then the file will start falshing. you will see the green status bar as this competes,on the phone screen. note that the green bar may not go all the way across the screen.

if it gets hung here(i.e.,you get a "waiting for device" after running the "fastboot flash" command),you should be able to pull battery,boot,to hboot,select fastboot from hboot,and pick up at the fastboot oem rebootRUU command

(if it fails with a hboot pre-update,dont panic,its normal. just repeat the above command and run it again. the phone will turn off,then back on into ruu mode,with no status bar. do not run the command until your back on this screen. give it at least 10 minutes before you decide its hung. after you run the command again,it will flash everything else in the zip file.)
-after it finishes,
fastboot reboot-bootloader this takes you out of ruu mode,and back to fastboot
-confirm you have jpbear hboot(i forget the ICS version number off the top of my head)
-reboot into your new rom(fastboot reboot)

sorry,i should have given you all that before. hope it helps clear up why stuff maybe didnt go as it should have.
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