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Originally Posted by simcha View Post
Yeah, I am plenty old enough to understand that most salesmen will tell you anything to get the sale.

And yet, I know for a fact that Sprint Corporate didn't (and still doesn't) always tell their salesmen all of the details, especially concerning WIMAX. "Soon" was all the salesmen could say concerning WIMAX. They are paid by Sprint and they need to keep their jobs, so they say whatever they can to please you and Corporate.

The thing is, that it would be refreshing if Sprint were to be a corporation that would value honesty and would actually make good on its promises. That would be one hell of a business model that just might save Sprint from oblivion. I believe it's called "integrity." Once you've angered a customer enough that they leave you for another carrier, it's very hard to get that customer back. Lying to your current customers or "misrepresenting the truth" or being "overly optimistic" tends to breed resentment with your customers. Those customers are your life's blood. If you lose them, it's much more difficult to attract new customers, especially if those disgruntled customers tell their friends about why they are disgruntled with you.

I have been with Sprint through thick and thin. For me, it has always come down to cost and Sprint has always been the best deal for me. I don't trust Sprint farther than I can spit though. I've seen too much in 13 years or so. I am used to Sprint promising the sky and then dropping the ball.

No, no carrier is perfect. No carrier delivers 100% of the time. And I can honestly say that there are carriers who have delivered better than Sprint in the past. And that's why Sprint is still languishing behind the other big carriers. You reap what you sew.

It would be revolutionary if Sprint were to actually make good on their promises going forward. Again, that would be one hell of a business model that I think would save Sprint. If they deliver on LTE and Network Vision, then they just might make it. If LTE and Network Vision flop on Sprint I think we'll see Sprint disappear.

And just because "most" salesmen "pad the truth" that doesn't mean that it's right or that it's appreciated by customers. I'm just sayin'...

Simcha, you know how to say it! I totally agree that it's the little things that kill relationships. It's not the big things, usually. Drip drip drip drip drip drip drip - it get pretty darn annoying after a while!

If SPRINT screws this roll-out up, who knows, it just may seal their fate. We'll see.
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