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I have a question about this part:

Kernel Tweak added 2/23/12 Now you can Get MORE INTERNAL Storage Space by Having a /sd-ext partition, (still works without it) but this is a nice new feature to AreaRom, my Current Phone has almost a gig internal storage now, before installing this if you would like to make use of it use the CWM advanced Partition SD Card feature to create a /sd-ext partition then reformat the sdcard copy the file to it and install normally ENJOY the NEW Space to Install APPS
this is my primary, if not the only reason for doing this... (if there is another way to use a partion off the sdcard that works.. please, by all means, explain...)

use the CWM advanced Partition SD Card feature
can I use the "mini tool partion wizard"? I have already used this to create a partion on the current ad card...

create a /sd-ext partion
is that what the partion should be called or simply what it is?
does it need to be ext4? or?? and should it be primary?
I called it sd-ext, formatted to ext4, primary, working great!

copy the file to it
do I copy the zip file to the sdcard or the partion?
copy to the main sdcard, not the partion

sorry for all the questions, I am new to phones but have a few years of php programming under my belt. It will just take a little time for me to get rolling. thanks for the advice in advance!
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