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Default Important notice about data usage

Yesterday I received a letter from sprint abot what title says, and at the same time one call from them (but didn't answer) and today I got another call and I called back to break the ice.

OK the letter says something about they monitor and prohibits certain types of activities, and recently they noticed a type of usage on my account not allowed by their terms and conditions, and after investigating they "determined" that the usage violated at least one of the restrictions using their data services.

Ofcourse the second paragraph it talks about tethering.. that it is prohibited to use the phone as a modem to connect other devices and bla bla bla....

The third paragraph says that in order to avoid termination of my account "change my data use to comply with their terms and conditions, and they will monitor my account to ensure compliance, if a violation occurs after 10 days from the date of this letter they will terminate the service on my account.

And the last says their bullshit that I am a valuable costumer and they want to ensure that I enjoy their services and products and bla bla bla... (bullshits ends).

While in the phone I was playing dumb saying that I like too much netflis and youtube and pandora, and that I only was using the HDMI connection to watch over the TV, they told me that's tethering!!, and I played dumb again asking if watching my photos and recorded video through HDMI was violating their TAC they say yes, and that watching netflix continously all day every day it violates their TAC, I played dumb again asking that if using the HDMI to watch netflix was the cause of too much data usage they say "they believe so" and that I needed to stop doing that in order to comply.

After playing dumb with 2 representatives and arguing about unlimited data and their restrictions to comply, and asking why they offer unlimited data and later they are calling to tell me to not use much data, I noticed they wanted me to accept that I am tethering and ofcourse I denied it and I was always playing dumb.

Finally I found out they cannot see how I am tethering but they suspect because my data usage, last month was 88 GB and the last 10 days I am on the 18,500,300 kb, ofcourse I think this matter was because data usage but not if they really know if I am tethering or not I think they only suspect or suppose, but I got my warning anyway.

Do you guys think they can tell for sure that I am tethering? (I use Klink), or was this matter just for my 88 GB last month, and lately (after my ten days of my billing cycle start) 18 GB ??

Should I continue using klink but moderate usage? or quit it for good.

Experts: what do you recommend?

Newbies: what do you think, happened the same?
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