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Originally Posted by Crafty View Post
It extends past phones.

Apple basically have a patent on a black rectangle. They are currently trying to stop the Galaxy Tab being sold in the USA because it infringes this patent and has caused Apple hardship (!) because Samsung apparently copied the (patented) idea of a black rectangle.

Given that sort of situation Samsung would of been very foolish to release another phone that might possibly contravene the patent - as the article shows, unequal corners, its not black etc. Subtle differences but enough to see any case Apple tried to raise being thrown out.

The thing I don't get is look at all the other phones out there- many of them infringe the patent too. I can only presume Apple are scared of Samsung getting a decent foothold in the market so are targeting them first - if they had won against the SG2 I think they would of gone after HTC and other manufacturers.
Apple has gone after HTC and Motorola Mobility, too. Just not with the same fervor that they go after Samsung. Although, with the recent decision from a Federal Judge asking Apple to drop a number of it's litigation (and Apple complied, for now) and their new CEO not wanting to continue the frivolous lawsuits that Steve Jobs started to 'take down Android', I'm hoping that the whole thing quiets down to the 'normal' levels of inter company lawsuit slaps.
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