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Originally Posted by smg65 View Post
Hi All...

I know this is probably covered here... but I see all kinds of info all over the Internet regarding this, and it's not all the same. I have the HTC Incredible, and I successfully rooted the phone yesterday using the instructions on page 1 of this thread (thank you!). Now every time I look at my phone, it's wanting to update to 4.08.605.2. And I mean every time! Anyway... I've seen a lot of "recommendations". Some say to delete a file, rename a file, modify a script in a file... being a newbie to this, I'm really confused as to what to do.

Do I let the phone do it's thing and install the update? Is there a ROM (I've never worked with ROMs or Kernels) that could be installed that eliminates these OTA pushes?

I was happy with the stock Incredible... I rooted because I thought it could do even better (better battery life, less bloatware, etc.) A long time ago, I "debranded" a Sony Ericson phone to gain access to the GPS chip (that everyone said didn't exist... but somehow did in the European marked). That gave me the chutzpah to try this.

Anyway... I'm back to this original thread, as this is the one that got me rooted to begin with, with the very clear directions. BTW, I still have all the stock programs, and have Titanium Backup Pro, Root Explorer, ROM Manager, Astro File Manager, and Superuser Permissions.

Thank you for following my long post! Any help, or pointing to some distinct instructions would surely be appreciated!

P.S. I did see a thread here about regaining root... but that was for after accepting the update, which I didn't. I'm going to go back and read that more carefully. Thanks again, guys.

Yikes! Another edit. I forgot to mention, if you didn't figure it out... I do have S-off.

The best (easiest) solution is to install a stock gingerbread rom and install the gingerbread radio... I'll update this post later with links (should be able to find them in the rom subsection) if you can't find them (the gingerbread radio can be found here ) . You don't want to let the update notification you are getting to install or you will have to root again, although it is much easier since you have s-off.
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