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Here is my crack at it.

Android Lounge
(285 Viewing)

A place for general Android discussion and questions.

Applications (discussion) (660 Viewing)
All the information you could ever want about Android Applications. Learn about apps and get help with them... all here!
Audio, Video, & Ringtones, App Reviews, Announcements

Android Games (319 Viewing)
Whether free or paid, put Games on your Android Phone and play them! Talk about, share and discuss games for Android here.
Game Reviews, Post Your Codes, Announcements

Application Development (121 Viewing)
Dev Lounge for the Coder Folks
Game Announcements, App Announcements, Beta Tests, (MIT) App Inventor, Enterprise, Job Listings
****Note: Game And App Announcements as a link to the subs in their respective forums with out the link prefix****

Android Themes (66 Viewing)
Customize the look/feel of your Android with wallpaper, icons, graphics and more!

Custom ROMs (3 Viewing)
Bionx bearsfan85 death2all110 Diablo67's Roms & Customs Enigma GalnetMIUI Getitnowmarketing Indiedevers liquid0624 NoLiMiT06's Devland PlayfulGod [] scrosler [] smurfland [] StormDroid [] Team boLTEd [] Team Nocturnal [] Techno [] Velocity [] Virtuous [ ] Ziggy & Mobstergunz

I think this is where we are at. Below are alotpackets words, but in my editing I lost the quote tag. Additional thoughts after this I've included at the end
Here's what I did:

1) Re-parented Android Enterprise to app dev (not 100% sure on this one).

2) Removed Accessories completely as these tend to be device specific and mostly talked about in device forums. However, this could maybe go under the Android Lounge with Enterprise.

3) Removed the word "sub-forums" as it's already implied. The word "sections" or even a little arrow would work here too IMHO. Less is more (also see #5)

4) Removed "ROMS" from any custom ROM group name (would need permission from them of course, but I think if we ask nicely that would be OK).

5) Removed "link" from the name of any subforums, but was hoping they would still link in the same manner. (Not sure if this is possible). Essentially removed all vBulletin "link" indicators. I think this is unimportant info for a user and provides clutter. The concept and utility of a link is great though. It is just that I dont think users need to have an indication of the magic under the hood. (<- love mixed metaphors).

6) Merged app dev 101 into regular app dev forum.

7) Removed one folder image just for this "mockup" because of the 31 image per post limit.

8) Shortened a few of the forum descriptions. (Mostly removing a sentence from the end referring to announcements, etc)

9) Changed "Beta Testing" to "Beta Tests" (more in line with the language style eg "announcements" )

10) Re-parented & renamed Android Media under Android applications -- because the main App forum gets many, many media questions, I was hoping this would give it better visibility and utility.

11) Made separate Game Announcements and App announcement forums

12) Re-parented Job listings to App dev (could be a link)
Additions to what alp said:
  • Added a forum for Wallpapers under Themes as Live Wallpapers are mixed between Themes and Applications Announcements so this would give them a single home like Apps and Games.
  • Added links for both Applications Announcements and Game Announcements under Application Development
This condensed version is about the same vertical size as Android Discussion is now, but to me anyway, is clear, simple, and intuitive with the benefit of not pushing the device forums down the page.

The only major thread move efforts I see are:
  • Accessories - this one is probably going to be the most difficult as each of the nearly 500 threads will need to be individually reviewed for a move to a device forum and prefixed, and some would probably need some discussion before hand as to where they should go (probably some moderation as well).
  • App Announcements - 3000+ threads, but the forum wouldn't be going away, so we have more leeway here. We could move this to Android Apps and begin by moving the last three months of games/live wallpapers to their respective forums and pick away at the rest as time allows.
  • Live Wallpapers - In addition to the ones in app announcements, these would need to be cleaned out of themes and other places they are scattered around the forums. Like app announcements, we could clean up 3 months or so of themes and pick away at the rest as time allows.
The only loose end as I understand is what to do long term with Custom Roms. I wondered if any aged ones could / should be archived and Das suggested moving them into the device forums. I think I agree with alostpacket that maybe best handled in a separate conversation.

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