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Default [VIDEO GUIDE] Test Mode/No service fix (# to Hidden Menu)


WHAT IS Test Mode?
= # button goes straight to LG Hidden Menu. When USB cable is plugged in it says Factory Data Cable connected. Can't change USB connection, only on charge.

More than likely if you are in test mode, you have NO service. Your "about phone" reads no phone number, min number and PRL is usually 40000. BUT you have data service right? IF you are lucky enough to have service, then scroll to the TEST MODE FIX section.

This guide will fix all of these issues and get your phone back to normal. This guide is going to be fairly long but detailed. I'm going to divide it into sections in order of what needs to be done. So follow directions and everything should be okay.

-Thanks to Gbiggie for his LGPNST guide. I had to edit it homie cause we aint using it all
-Thanks to.............................will fill in later.

If you searched and found this thread because you are having a problem with your phone I want to thank you for signing up here at AF. But DONT let this be the only reason for coming here. I want you to stay and enjoy the perks of your phone. We have an AMAZING family here willing to help and guide you through your needs. Dont just take what you want and run. Be appreciative of the people that make all this happen!!!!!!

With that being said if you DO have a problem, go over the steps that you are on and double check everything. If you still have a problem post your question up here. I ask that you NOT Pm me due to I might not see it and I dont want you waiting on me when other people can answer your questions.

Let's get started

DO NOT SKIP STEPS. DONT JUMP STRAIGHT TO TEST MODE. Go in order and take your time. If you have a problem it's prolly something on YOUR end.

This Video is made to work in conjunction with the post below.

I recommend downloading the video here and playing it on Windows Media Player. YouTube quality is AWFUL and the screen is smaller. Much easier to see on WMP.

Download How To Fix Test Mode Video - TestModeHowTo.wmv

LG Esteem-How to fix Test Mode & Restore Service ( - YouTube


Download these files and save them to your desktop.

-Test mode Fix

Zipped- Dev-Host - LGRepairTESTMODE.rar - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

Unzipped- Dev-Host - LG Test Mode Repair.exe - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

-Drivers- Dev-Host - LGUnitedMobileDriver S4981MAN36AP22 ML WHQL Ver 3.6.exe - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

-LGPNST- Dev-Host - - The Ultimate Free File Hosting / File Sharing Service

Get your MEID or IMEI number and enter it and get your SPC, Write down the 6 digit number. You will need it later.

Online MEID convertor- MEID Converter - Free MEID and ESN conversion tool

Install MEID convertor to your phone- feature=search_result#?t=W251bGwsMSwyLDEsImNvbS5zc GxpY2VkbWVkaWEuYW5kcm9pZC5tZWlkY29udmVydGVyIl0.


-First Unzip the 2 files you downloaded. (LGPNST,TEST MODE FIX)

-Next install the DRIVERS exe in the drivers folder.


We are going to Install LGPNST which will be used in the 3rd step to restore your phone #, MIN and PRL. Which will activate your service and get it back working.

*WINDOWS 7 and Vista USERS*- Turn off UAC and notify "Never"

*Windows XP Users*

Read Here

--Open up the LGPNST folder on your desktop.

--Open the "Move these files to desktop" folder and copy and paste the "skin.dll" and "VS910.dll" to the desktop.

--Next, start at "Install Me 1st" and go in order and install each of the files located in the folders, ending at "Run Me After (Install Me 4th)".

Folder Contents
-1st Folder-Store Version Install
-2nd Folder-Lab Version Install
-3rd Folder-Components Install
-4th Folder-Generic Models Install
-Run Me After Folder-Right Click and "merge" the Right_Click_Register.dll

*After you install all the files. Navigate to your desktop and locate the VS910.dll you moved earlier. Right click and "register".

If you a 64 bit system and cant register the DLL check this out

(You shouldn't get any errors when registering the .dll files. If you do, try to reinstalling all the LGPNST files; Store, Lab, Comp, Generic.)


If when you click on "register" on the vs910.dll and a window opens up that asks you to CHOOSE a program to open it up with NAVIGATE to C:/windows/system32 and double click on the file regsvr32. It should register the dll.

--Then, Right Click and COPY the "Skin.dll" file you moved earlier on your desktop and paste it to the LGPNST install, which should be C:/LGElectronics/LGPNST

(It will ask you if you want to "Copy and Replace" the existing skin.dll, Click YES.)

--LGPNST is now installed.

--Next you need to get your 6 digit SPC # from the MEID convertor. Your MEID is located under the battery OR on your original box, that way you dont have to pull the battery. (Make sure you enter your MEID in correctly) MEID is the same as IMEI.

--If you are getting it from your phone, go ahead and RESTART your computer. If your getting from the site then RESTART after you get your SPC#.

NEXT-Test Mode Fix
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