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Ill try and put all pics back up when i get a chance. If someone wants to take the liberty of taking pics and sending them to me, I'll make sure to give plenty of credit for this guide.

--Start by going here and download the latest PRL. Thanks Blaxican

--Plug your phone into your USB port and put the phone into "Internet Connection" and Enable USB debugging.

--Open up LGPNST from your computer. (C:/LGElectonics/LGPNST/LGPNST.exe (Notice it's already seeing my phone COM7)

DO NOT OPEN UP LGPNST_CT. Open the correct application from the location above!!!!!!!

--Navigate to "FILE" and click "Select DLL". You should see the "VS910.DLL" that is located on your desktop. Select it. (If you don't see it, go back to
your desktop and right click and register it again and try again.)

--Once you select "VS910.DLL" CLICK ON THE YELLOW AREA where it says "STAND BY". Notice how the "Start" button, phone settings and other buttons are enabled now?

--Click on the "Phone Setting" button in the middle of the screen.

--It will ask for your SPC code that we got earlier from the MEID convertor. Enter your SPC code and click enter.

--You should now be looking at a screen like this

--Click the READ button down in the bottom left hand corner. Once it finishes, click on SYSTEM NAM1 on the left hand side and you should see something like this, only with YOUR info.

--We are going to edit Mobile Directory Number MDN , MIN1 and MIN2 by double clicking in the area below "Value 1".

-MDN- YOUR 10 digit phone number
-MIN1- YOUR 7 digit phone number (NO area code)
-MIN2- YOUR 3 digit area code

Also make sure you have SOMETHING in Home SID. I've seen a couple people that have had this missing. If it's empty try entering in 6503. That's the one I see the most.

MORE THAN LIKELY, you will have to call Metro PCS when complete this process as your MIN might be different than your phone #. Just call Metro and tell them you cant make calls but have data and they will help you.

Click WRITE once you have entered the info.

--Once that is done the window will close out, or close it out, and go back to the main screen of LGPNST.

Now we are going to enter the PRL

--On the main screen. Click PRL/ERI beside "UPGRADE".
-Click WRITE. Then PRL. Then NAM1. And select the folder icon beside NAM1 and navigate to the desktop and click on the PRL that you downloaded earlier.

--Once you've entered the PRL. Click START and let it run. Your phone will reboot once it's finished. (If you get an error, try another PRL)

When your phone reboots you SHOULD be back to normal working order out of test mode and with full service. YAYAY!!!


-The HOME SID that we entered might not be the correct one for your area. Just call Metro and tell them you have service but cant make calls. They will get you straightened out.

-Your MIN is one of those that might be different from your phone number. Call Metro PCS and they will take care of it for you.

-Test mode is bitch, plain and simple. For whatever reason this has started happening a lot lately and for no reason. Unfortunately I was one of the OG's of the test mode crisis and luckily following these steps got me back to normal working condition.

*Thanks to the creator of TEST MODE FIX over at XDA. Thanks to the people that I was hysterically on the phone with that fateful night of my test mode. You know who you are

-If you have any questions about this guide, please ask any of the amazing "Esteemers" we have here (Gbig, Pnizzle, MT, Shiny, PG, Blax, Epayne, SU, Ldrifta,Josh D) or myself.
If i didn't include your name I either forgot or I dont trust you for help. Sorry.

I tried to be as in depth as possible so just re read if you have any problems but feel free to ask away.
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