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Default Need help

Originally Posted by quantumrand View Post
please use this thread for general ics 4.0.3 discussions. If you have specific issues or problems after updating, feel free to start a new thread if one does not already exist. I will be updating this post with new links and info when it's available.

The ota has started rolling out. You can wait for it to reach your device on its natural course, or you can update manually via the recovery console.

news (4/2/2012): great news for at&t nexus s users! A 4.0.4 update is now available for the i9020a. The update is intended for those on 2.3.6. It is unclear whether or not it will work for older versions.

I9020a 2.3.6 to 4.0.4 link:

news (3/28/2012): an official 4.0.4 update is now available. For now, the only manual update available is the 4.0.3 to 4.0.4. This works for both the i9020t and i9023. We're still waiting on the i9020a. Here is that update file if you want to do it manually:

4.0.3 to 4.0.4 (i9020t and i9023):

news (3/16/2012): engadget reports that nexus s and nexus s 4g devices will get official updates to ics within the "next few weeks." see the story here: confirmed: Ics coming to the nexus s in the next few weeks -- engadget

news (2/6/2012): rumor is that a 4.0.5 build is in the works for the nexus s. Documents suggest it'll be out "by march." source: galaxy nexus and nexus s to receive ota android 4.0.5 update by march |

news (1/31/2012): an android version 4.0.4 build has recently leaked for the nexus s 4g. This build won't work for those of us on the gsm version, but the fact that it carries a newer version number clearly suggests that google is continuing to work out the various bugs we've seen in 4.0.3. There's a good chance we may all be seeing a 4.0.4 ota in the near future.

news (12/20/2011): due to a battery life bug experienced by some users, google has suspended the nexus s ics update. This means the ota won't be rolling out to anyone else until they solve the problem. You can still update manually if you choose, using the files below, but be aware that the battery issue could affect you.

Details regarding the issue can be seen here: google said to be suspending nexus s ics update due to high cpu usage and battery life bug

i personally am not experiencing significantly poor battery life. After 19 hours on battery with moderate use, i still had 34% left; however, my awake time is twice my screen on time, as described as the bug.

links to official update files:

i9020t and i9023 (4.0.3 to 4.0.4) -

i9020t and i9023 (2.3.6 to 4.0.3) -

i9020t and i9023 4.0.3 full rom (flash from any previous version) -

i9020a (2.3.6 to 4.0.4) -

work around for i9020a models (no longer necessary with official i9020a 4.0.4 update)
a work around has been discovered that allows you to update your i9020a with the i9020t file linked above. It is definitely not for the faint of heart, and it is not confirmed as entirely stable. Follow these instructions at your own risk.

First, your phone must be rooted with clockwork mod recovery image.
Factory reset and flash a stock 2.3.6 rom for a i9020t (link to 2.3.6 rom:
Reboot (your radio won't be working).
Using fastboot, re-inject clockwork mod.
Flash the i9020t ics update above.
Flash the ucke1 i9020a radio (link to radio: 429).
Reboot, and done.

ics features
a lot of people had questions regarding the features shown at the galaxy nexus launch and whether or not they'd make it to the nexus s. Well, here's a list of included (and left out) features so far. I'm sure i've missed plenty, so feel free to request any others you might be curious about.

Included features:
  • quick task managment (holding the home button)
  • data management
  • new lock screen (no face unlock)
  • new browser (finally a decent stock browser imho)
  • new launcher (just like the galaxy nexus' minus on-screen buttons)
  • new keyboard and voice recognition
  • new camera app with panorama mode
  • new notification bar
  • nfc "beaming"
  • screenshots (hold volume down + power)
not included:
  • face unlock
  • zero shutter lag
  • hd video recording
  • simultaneous video + photos
  • multi-person video chat

update log:
12/19/2011 - added "full rom" link for i9020t and i9023.
12/20/2011 - added news about google suspending 4.0.3 update.
1/31/2012 - added news regarding android 4.0.4 leak.
2/6/2012 - addes news regarding 4.0.5 rumors.
3/16/2012 - added news regarding upcoming official ics update.
3/28/2012 - added news and links regarding 4.0.4 update.
4/2/2012 - addes news and links regarding 4.0.4 i9020a update (thanks electricalbear!)

i have samsung nexus s in pakistan and device is i9023 and current system is 2.4,, want to update 4.0.4 or 4.0.3,, plz help me what i have to do?? Im new on andriod,, waiting for kind response
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