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Originally Posted by svt_gEEk View Post
Man...You've got some high Android OS usage. Wipe your Davlik Cache and flash another kernel. Try the latest Lean (3.6). No wonder you're getting terrible battery life.
I have no idea how to wipe my dalvik cache. :/ Doesn't it wipe your phone or something?
Originally Posted by Stigy View Post
Unless he is on a 4.0.4 ROM his Android OS is going to be high - remember it was being reported incorrectly until 4.0.4 so thats probably the cause of that.

Honestly though if you can get on Wifi do so as it will increase your battery life by leaps and bounds.
Yeah, I'm on my wifi when I'm home and my battery lasts forever. I was at 6% when I got home at 5:30 and it still hadn't died by the time I went to bed at midnight. Even though I wasn't using it, I still expected the natural drain to have killed it. About what you said in re: incorrect reporting, so my Android OS isn't actually that high? If not, what's causing my poor battery life?

Here's my real question - why are homemade ROMs and kernels so much better than stock? Are unpaid freelance programmers really that much better than the hordes that Google and Samsung employ?
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