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Originally Posted by RazorSharp View Post
I have no idea how to wipe my davlik cache. :/ Doesn't it wipe your phone or something?

Here's my real question - why are homemade ROMs and kernels so much better than stock? Are unpaid freelance programmers really that much better than the hordes that Google and Samsung employ?
Yeah, I wasn't thinking, if you aren't rooted, unlocked, and ROM'd, then none of that stuff matters, you're simply stuck with what you got.

To answer that question, yes and no. You have to remember, the freelance programmers aren't putting together an entire OS from scratch, they're building on what Google has already put out there. They are very good at what they do but Google putting out the source enables them to make improvements and customize it very quickly and easily. The Android OS is very well documented. That being said, the programmers employed by Google, Samsung, HTC, etc.... are all working 9 to 5's on this stuff. It's a job to them, and might be one they don't enjoy or are tired of. Add to that the fact that they are under intense pressure to get stuff out quickly and you end up with stuff coming from Google that is not quite ready yet and has a few bugs.

In short, devs work on this stuff because it's a passion. Programmers employed by companies, while I'm sure it's a passion to some, it's not for all.
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