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Originally Posted by bigbadwulff View Post
I'm seriously considering
Do yourself a big favor and try Page Plus Cellular. I left VZW and now have my Droid X on PP and for $40 a month i get unlimited voice, unlimited text, and 100mb of data (which i never use anyhow).
Only issue with PP is they do not allow 4G phones so you are limited.

I also recently bought a HTC One X. AT&T is far better in my area than VZW. I get about 6 times more d/load speed. I am however on Straight Talk, NOT AT&T. If you bring your own AT&T phone and buy a sim for it, you use AT&T towers. I ordered a sim card and plan, it took 10 minutes and i am up and running with ALL unlimited including data. They do so i am told want you to stay at 2gb or less data per month. Again, never would ever get there The One X has been totally wide open since i got it and on day 11 i have only used 248mb of data
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