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88GB sounds like a lot of data. On the other hand, they do advertise "unlimited" and "unlimited" should be, well, unlimited. I hope that one day we will be able to replace many media devices and services with our phones and wireless networks. If we could use our phones to access movies and television programs while playing them on our television screens reliably, that would replace cable, .

I often wonder if there isn't some sort of collusion beween communications and media corporations to avoid making an industry obsolete. It would be a wonderful thing if cable companies would be driven out of business, especially Comcast. They charge way too much for delivering mostly crappy content. And it would be ideal if we didn't need dsl or cable for accessing the Internet on our laptops and we could count on our phones and our phones' networks to deliver the speeds we need.

If a telecommunications company were smart, they would seize the opportunity to blow open their broadband network along with increasing the ability of their phones to communicate with many telecommunications and media devices. If done correctly they could charge a little more because there are people out there (like me) who would rather not have to deal with the cable company, satellite company, or a land line phone company for any of their communication or media needs. I would like to have one wireless device and network that would allow me to access all of the media I want and to allow me to communicate in as many ways as possible with as many people as possible cheaply and reliably.

I don't have a land line. I don't have cable or satellite television. I decided long ago that paying their high prices wasn't worth their inconsistent and crappy services. I use my current Sprint phone for my communication needs including Internet. I use the hotspot and I would appreciate it if Network Vision would deliver on the consistency and speed I would like to match what cable and dsl offers.

I use OTA for television. It's amazing what's available out there and the quality of the HD picture is better than cable.
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