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Q: Any good cases for the LTEvo?

A: You bet!

Otterbox case for the HTC EVO 4G LTE.

Q: How about screen protectors?

A: Links not available at time of this post, please check back.

Q: What?!?!? Doesn't it have Gorilla Glass?

A: Yes. Which Gorilla Glass Version is used on the LTE 4G?

That still won't save you from sand!!!

Q: Will the Evo 4G LTE include Beats Audio software enhancements?

A: Yes it will feature Beats Audio enhancements when any headset is plugged in as part of the audio equalizer options.

Q: If it has Beats Audio Enhancements does that mean it will ship with Beats Audio headphones as well?

A: No, the phone will not be coming with Beats Audio headphones, in an effort to keep the cost down on the total price of the phone.

HTC executive says it plans to drop Beats Audio headphones from some smartphone boxes

Q: Will the Evo 4G LTE Battery be removable like it was in the Evo 4G and Evo 3D?

A: No, the Battery will not be user accessible.

Since the phone has a uni-body design made of 'space age aluminum' there is no access port built in for removing the battery unit. HTC opted for a design change to slim down the total form factor of the phone. We get a slightly larger capacity battery from HTC but it is non-removable now.

Q: Does the Evo 4G LTE have an HDMI output port?

A: It does not feature a typical HDMI output, it does however have a specialized micro USB port with MHL technology (Mobile High Definition Link).

MHL allows high definition video output through the Micro USB port. A growing number of new TV’s are shipping with an MHL input on them. If you don’t have a compatible TV, there are special cables/ adapters made that convert Micro USB MHL to HDMI, allowing you to connect your phone to your HDTV.

Q: Where's a good place to get an MHL to HDMI adapter?


Q: Won't my original Evo 4G micro HDMI cable work?

A: Sorry, no - not at all.

Q: Is there an alternative to MHL -> HDMI?

A: Yes! You can still use media sharing (using a DLNA-capable TV) to share stored photos and some videos.

You could also try the new HTC MediaLinkHD for wireless streaming to a HDTV

Q: I have the Media Link HD all hooked up, now how do I get my content to display on the external monitor?

A: You only have to remember one simple on screen gesture. You take 3 fingers and place them on the lower part of the screen and swipe towards the top of the screen.

Q: Does it support CD audio quality in a car?

A: Yes, this answer under construction.

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