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Originally Posted by Criplor View Post
hi, i am new to this site but i have a really annoying problem that i hope you guys could help with. when I try and sent pictures through text messages with my samsung galaxy s2x, it usually takes 2-3 days for the pictures to send, likewise with very long text messages (for this i usually just brake them up before they are converted to a mms). also when i view pictures sent to me or the ones i am about to send, i see them as a 3-6 second video instead of a picture.
I would much appreciate some help on this (preferable without having to text people links to my pictures) thanks
Welcome to the forum!

With regards to your MMS issue, I have a silly question...

Are you sure that the images you are sending are JPG files and not video files? I ask this because if your camera is in video mode and you click as if you are taking a picture, you get a short video.

Regarding time to send. What resolution of image are you trying to MMS?

Have you contacted Telus to ask about slow MMS delivery? There may be an issue in your area.
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