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Originally Posted by EarlyMon View Post
Oracle loses on patent infrigement.

Now the trial needs to continue on the copyright infringement.

Over 9 - count 'em - 9 lines of source code.

End of android!?

Oracle started out suing Google for US$6.1 billion (with a b - billion) while crying a river in the media.

It seems that early reports of Android's demise were greatly exaggerated.

Google is going to owe Oracle how much, exactly, for 9 lines of code?

Hey Larry (ceo of Oracle) - didja have fun? Was it all worth it?

How'd that work out for ya, huh?
Here is how I see his reasoning...Java is heading out...HTML5 is coming into it's own...we need something to stay Android exploding...we want a piece of the pie...Android is based on Java...hmm...if we can win a lawsuit...ask for a stupid amount of money...maybe Google will agree to licensing fees...if so we can pull a Microsoft and get by using the successful coat tails of others...

Or at least that is how I see it, they didn't want to end Android they just wanted to make secure a future for themselves thinking Android will remain successful. I can't say I blame them, if they really thought they had a case there is a lot of money to be had there...why not roll the dice?

I've also read that both sides may push for a mistrial which would make this far from over...but as it stands right now looks good for Google and Android
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