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Originally Posted by kingcedz View Post

Strongly disagree.

The phone is custom made for Chinese market, but that alone doesnt make it a bad phone.

Bootloader unlock: The phone bootloader can be unlocked by from the official HTCDev. Afterall, it is a genuine HTC, and very easy to unlock (and lock) bootloader.

Root: The root has already been available since early May, it is literally one software, a click of button 3 reboot and job done. Very Straightforward.

Google Apps: extremely easy to add, took me 5mins to do it, Gmail, Google Play, Youtube..the whole package. The only thing you can't do on this phone is add a Google Account under Account & Sync, but it doesnt hinder any of the google apps functions.

Bloatware: there are quite a few as it is afterall a custom made phone for China Unicom. However, it's very easy to remove since the root is already available, so not a problem at all.

Dev support: The Dev support at the moment is mainly from the domestic Devs. I have raised the phone in russian andriod forum that did the Lenovo A60 Rom and some interest are building up. The t328w is a very straightforward easily rooted/developed phone! The only shortcoming at this stage as far as dev support is concerned is the lack of 3rd party Recovery for this particular model. Bear in mind the t328d already has a Custom Recovery, so really, just a matter of time.

Screen: I dont have any more problem as far as scratch is concerned, compared with my iPhone, Galaxy Nexus, or Moto532XT, and this phone cost far less than any of those.

Camera: agree that camera is not that good, and lack of front facing camera like the XT532. Frankly speaking, i dont really use camera on phone so this is not a problem for me.

What I do have problem with:
1) i seem to have issue with receiving SMS on line 2. It could well be my sim as my line 2 is a roaming sim. I ll report further when i have the chance to test it more thouroughly.

2) when i first insert the sims, it took the phone several reboot to recognized both sim cards. not sure why as I cant seem to be able to replicate the problem.

2) when one line is in used (text, call etc), the other line is disabled for that short moment. I think this is the same with most dual sim phone (such as Moto 532), but the signal on 2nd line of the HTC drop straight to zero when 1st line is in used.

In summary:
This is not a bad phone at all. and there is definitely root! and most problems can be resolved easily.

Hope this helps.
Hmm, I can agree with you on the root and stuff, my bad, I'm sorry, I hadn't really checked support and such for this phone since late april, so I was unaware

But thank you for pointing out my mistakes, I will root this phone and post an update today.

Again, thank you!
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