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I have one of these with 4.0 and I wanted to pass on, sometimes it takes two or three tries to get it to start up. If anyone thinks theirs is dead; something to keep in mind.
Otherwise this box really stands out as a good one in my mind. They set the storage up right so you have a lot of room to install apps (not a ridiculous 100mb like I've seen on some android 2.2 devices). When the thing boots up as a new device it asks you which launcher to use so you can pick the android one instead of the 'tv box' one. You can get into settings and pick an android keyboard profile that doesn't overlay the video pop up touch / mouse one over everything. I've had good streaming / flash luck and it is an A9 / pretty powerful (onlive works btw). My wireless works. It supports wireless kb and mouse or USB. The TV resolutions translate to computer monitor resolutions (re: 1080p works fine through a $3 DVI adapter to pc monitor) and it has a screen resizing utility... Only things I could not get to work were Bluetooth (wouldn't work with add on dongles that my pads worked with) and VPN. I’ve tried everything with them so I think they’re just kludged / wrong in the kernel build.
I basically use mine as a smart thin terminal… thin term but it can run its own programs as needed since it has the horsepower. But anyway, if you’re reading this thread because you’re thinking of buying one; I’d say they are a very good unit (and there are a lot of bad android TV boxes available).
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