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Thumbs up Loving it, want root and CM9!

Screen is absolutely beautiful, destroys iPhone for sure. Even with a slightly lower pixel density I don't think it matters, way more real estate and the colors really pop. It is wonderfully light and thin, even with a BBY Platinum (Seido) case it is slightly thinner than my OG without a case.

Haven't done much processor intensive yet, still have to get a lot of apps back on, but she does seem to fly through screens. No hesitation loading anything as of yet. I got hardware version 3 (which means nothing or everything depending on whom you ask ) Have had no issues with crashes, calls, texts, anything at all. Kickstand is nice and solid, seems to work well, can be hard to get out at first.

Speaker is crisper than my OG, but not as loud. OG at 80% is slightly softer and at 90% is slightly louder. So mine is about 85% as loud as my OG. Doesn't seem to affect headphones as much. Hard to tell much difference with beats audio thru regular headphones, but I can tell a slight difference.

Camera seems to be really nice, definitely an improvement on the OG. Not sure about low light and movement being improved very much tho in my limited tests so far (try waving hand in front of lens while taking bursts, couldn't get any clear ones even with a fairly "medium" speed wave-wasn't the greatest light at the time tho too.)

Basically, I LOVE IT!!!


That glossy back is a smudge magnet. Devices meant to be "touched" should NEVER have that kind of finish, my Toshiba laptop does as well and I cannot stress how much I hate glossy finishes like that. They get way too smudged way too easily.

Sense bugging me, but I'm used to Cyanogen, so that's to be expected. I actually like a lot of Sense widgets, I can handle most of the home screen differences. It's the lack of customization you can find losing yourself for hours in the ADW and CM settings menus I miss. I want to change a lot of the basic ways I interact with the phone in very minor ways and stock Sense (or vanilla Android for that matter) doesn't give you those options.

Absolute fail on the new hardkey changes tho, I want my menu and search buttons back, recent apps can bite me. No reason to waste real estate on the touchscreen when you have a dedicated portion of the phone to place 4 buttons that fit perfectly well. I am very used to long press home for recent apps, menu to show/hide keyboard, back to kill app, and search for voice search. I literally used them ALL THE FREAKING TIME. The first thing I always did (and told anyone else to do) was delete the google search widget from my homescreen, I had a dang button for it. Now I have to waste space for a widget or button on the screen to get the same result. Hopefully CM will give us an option to re-map that useless recent apps button and go back to long presses so we can have at least 6 hardkey options instead of 3.
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