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Originally Posted by Old Man View Post
So I guess that for us it comes down to:

A. Get my Droid X replaced under insurance and keep our current plan with unlimited data.

B. Keep using the DX with a bad display while we wait for newer phones whose details and release dates are unknown at this time and hope the report is right and that unlimited data plans are still possible when the phones are available.

C. Wait until both new phones and the shared data plans come out and hope we can still either keep unlimited data or save money with one of the shared data plans.

D. Get current 4G devices now knowing we can get either unlimited data or one of the current double data plan offerings.

Not being a big risk taker, I'm leaning toward the latter option unless I see some confirmation soon that VZW is not going to eliminate the grandfathered unlimited data plans as they had previously stated.
Pretty sure, I've seen in several articles that Verizon has stated they would give people heads up to elimination of unlimited data plans for grandfathered users so they can make their decisions with how to deal with it. So, I'm waiting until they announce its implementation date. Then I'll start worrying about which 4G device that is out now I want to jump to. If they decide not to ditch unlimited, then all the better and I'll keep rocking the X. If they renege and don't give heads up, then I'll start considering that other evil empire.
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