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Originally Posted by LordErebus View Post
Hey guys

Been a while but i am slowly working towards root. My most recent problem is still downgrading Mr Annoying Hboot.

So here's what i did. After much searching the net i found a post on XDA that lists all the shipped ROM's for the Wildfire. Not particularly wanting to debrand my phone (i've grown rather attached to boot screen) i downloaded and ran the original Eclair (H3G UK) ROM and it did downgrade my phone; also, word of warning this does wipe your data so do what i do and backup your stuff; repeatedly.

Anyways, the curious thing is that the contained within the EXE file shows the Hboot version as being "Hboot 0.80.0003", however, upon booting into recovery mode it is still showing up as "Hboot 1.01.0002".

I followed the instructions on the link to the letter. I did get Error [140] and ran Step 1 from this link like was suggested, but not Step 2, coz i may have left my SD Card sitting next to my phone not in it . Even so, without the Gold Card it still downgraded my ROM ; i'm guessing i didn't need it as Gold Card's only seem to be required when flashing a ROM that is different from the phones original carrier; e.g. flashing a Vodafone ROM to a T-Mobile Phone would require a Gold Card. However, it still seems that my Hboot just doesn't want to change .

Going to try and rename/run the from my SD Card to see if that changes it but i'm not hopeful. Any thoughts on why Hboot didn't downgrade too? I.e. should i have just gone and used the WWE_Froyo ROM instead?

Thanks guys!
Too root your device

Gold card your sd-card
Downgrade your hboot
Obtain s-off
Run an Eclair RUU
Then use unrEVOked

Gold carding your sdcard is a must to avoid annoying problems, it makes everything soo much easier because if a process has outlined what to do, you gotta follow it :P
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