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Originally Posted by ReDDs3D View Post
Well, I got it rooted, removed all the possible bloatware, and freed up about 40MB of potential RAM. Really nice actually.

*OH and one thing I've noticed on this phone; maybe it's just me, but the battery is incredible for a dual sim phone. I always have both networks connected, and in a 12 hour period (7:00am to 7:00pm) under moderately light use (a good amount of texting, very, very light gaming, about 10 minutes a day, lot's of FLAC music playing, and some little browsing) and at the end of that 12 hour period, I still end up having about 60% to 70% battery left ^__^

Do you know if I can use ONE V Rom's on this phone...? Or does it have it's own rome..? I'm looking for the Galaxy Nexus ROM (Stock Android 4.0.3)...
i doubt u can use the ONE V Rom directly because of the lack of dual sim support. However, I do think there s lots of similarity between the stock ONE V and t328w due to the hardware specs similarity. In fact, that's probably why t328w is marketed as HTC Desire V. I m not smart enough to port the dual sim support onto One V Roms, hopefully someone else is.

The battery life in this puppy is phenomenal. Mine lasted for over 4 days since the last charge.
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