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Originally Posted by agentc13 View Post
I am with DaS on this one. It seems mostly redundant to me. At least having both systems is.

I also don't like that it doesn't work with Tapatalk. A lot of folks use that as the primary way to browse the forums, so for this to work (IMO) it would need TT to support it.

That said, if you removed thanks and added likes and the few forum apps that people use around here supported it, then I would be 100% behind it. (especially if you could transfer thanks to likes. But I am guessing that would be tough.) Especially if it fit with the theme of the rest of the forums.

I will support whatever is done in the end, just throwing in my two cents.
+1 on all counts

Oh... and to be clear I only thanked the post. It seems too much to click both.
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