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Thanks Az!

You raise some good points, but I didn't think to include them in my original post because they're basic functions of Outlook/Gmail/Hotmail, and they're a matter of personal preference. More detail follows...
Originally Posted by Az Utazo View Post
Dear RazzMaTazz,
In addition to moving your calendar and contacts to your new Hotmail-based folder in Outlook, you also have to move your email Inbox there - otherwise, email coming into your Outlook email client will not be replicated onto Hotmail, or from there onto your Android device. It will remain locally on your computer.
Good point. But it depends on what kind of mail accounts people are using and how they want to manage them. There are many options. People don't have to use Hotmail for email. They may just use it to sync contacts & calendar. They may not want their POP mail or Gmail in their Hotmail account.

For example, I have multiple accounts (POP, Gmail, & Hotmail) in Outlook & multiple email accounts (POP, Gmail, & Hotmail) on my phone. (I can view each inbox separately or in a merged view.) I like to keep my email accounts separate, therefore I don't want my POP mail or Gmail forwarded (or duplicated) onto my Hotmail account. I think Gmail is the best email service, so I use Gmail as my primary email account.

Originally Posted by Az Utazo View Post
Second... you can copy across to your Hotmail-based account not only your Inbox, but also any sub-folders you have created in Outlook. For me, this is crucial. I have a whole range of folders in which I file by subject/category incoming and outgoing emails. All these can be dragged across to your new Hotmail-based account - and will then appear on your Android device also. Brilliant!
Yes. FYI: You can do the same thing with Gmail folders. I primarily use Gmail, so when I first switched from POP mail to Gmail (many years ago), in Outlook, I copied all of my mail folders/subfolders to Gmail. They immediately synchronized with the Gmail "cloud", my PCs, and phone.

Originally Posted by Az Utazo View Post
One final point. If you want your emails to download immediately to your Android device even when you are away from your Outlook-based home computer, you need to set your Hotmail account to "send/receive from other accounts", using your home email account. This means that, even if you are not at your home computer downloading pending messages via Outlook these will download to your Hotmail account - and from there automatically to your Android device.
Yes. FYI: You can do the same kind of mail forwarding & retrieval in the web-based Gmail account settings.

Wow! Kuala Lumpur. Great city. Sitting here in Silicon Valley, I rarely think about my post being read worldwide. I had the pleasure of sightseeing Malaysia. Beautiful country. Wonderful people. Delicious food.
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