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Originally Posted by grindinonyourm View Post ac3 works fine for me and i suspect it always has...its DTS tracks that are making the hissing noise every second. every dts track movie i got is doin it....i have a c71 upgrade 8726m3 tablet also and it does it as well. so how to fix dts is the real question. and how to edit my init.rc to start smbd with android? also, my wifi speeds suck! i get maybe 100k/sec download. i can't stream netflix or samba movies or anything streaming on the network and its because of my wifi speed! anyone else got shitty wifi?
If you don't have kernel sources, only way to edit init.rc is to unpack and repack uImage (boot.img)... Scripts for that you can find on xda forum thread I posted few posts earlier somewhere between page 60 and 70, don't know exactly

I'm nearly done with first full featured ATV-108 c03ref ICS firmware. Taught it would be today, but I'll delay upload of my fw for tomorrow.

What to expect of my fw:
- entirely built from code, except for kernel image, since I don't have configs for ICS kernel, so Visson's image is used
- MoviePlayer - multiple subtitle encoding support
- Network - samba shares, upnp.... basically UI I used from GB sources, working on my own, but will not release it for now.
- much better performance (in speed) than Visson's last firmware
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