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Default (DIY) guide for case for extended battery *with pictures*

so just a quick guide for u guys that really want a case for your phone with an extended battery
it is nice looking and makes the phone easier to hold and i think a bit slimmer
it shouldnt take more than 15-30 mins to do

*********I'm not responsible for any damage u cause to your phone or yourself. this is all ur risk and if you don't know how to cut with an xacto please dont do this there is alot of force involved and you can seriously injure yourself.

im guna start by saying that pretty much all the credit goes to VinhCTrinh1984 in the lg esteem forum. we all may have thought of this but he implemented it and did a great job at it.

so to start get a sharp xacto knife a needle and a bunch of old papers or piece of wood you can cut on

YOU WILL HAVE TO CUT UP YOUR STOCK COVER AND YOUR NEW CASE so unless you are 100% sure you want this dont do it. for me i got another cover in case i want to keep my phone slim at one point so the cut in the stock cover doesnt show.

you will need specifically the hybrid silicon and plastic case. NO OTHER CASE WILL WORK AS FAR AS I KNOW so make sure you get the right one. i have a few nicer cases on the way ill see if any of them i can work with

the battery will slightly stick out but not enough so that its noticable. beware the case adds alot of bulkiness to the phone from the sides and makes pressing the soft buttons kinda hard as well as getting to the audio jack which i may have to cut up later. it does however make pressing power and volume much easier.

here is the link to the case i got only get one that is exactly like it

now the guide:

start by marking the corners of the battery on the phone with baby powder or a dab of toothpaste or something like that i actually used ink then put the stock cover on and push at the corners of where u expect the battery to be then take it off and mark where the baby powder hit with the needle.

now cut straight lines in the stock cover between those push lightly at first and as u go deeper into the plastic push harder eventually you'll cut through

place on with extended battery there make adjustments as needed

after your done put the back cover inside the plastic part of the case and mark the edges of ur cut with the needle onto the case. afterwards cut through the case. after a few cuts itll snap u can then fit the blade through the case and just slide it down.

after you fully cut away all the parts and make adjustments just put the plastic part of the case on and then place the silicon cover on top
now if u want to change ur battery u just need to take the silicon off. simple and easy

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