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Default ICS Firmware

!!! Read first !!!

This firmware is designed for Visson ATV-108 product version 1 (c03ref board). To make sure you have right device, go to Settings -> About device or about MediaBox if you are using ICS Android.

This is test firmware which configurations are made for this particular device and should not be installed on any other device. If you are installing it on this device, you have no problems, but in either case, I do not take any responsibility made to your device by installing this firmware.

Install Instructions:
1. Extract all files from ZIP archive to root of your sdcard
2. Pull out power cord from your device and put your sdcard in the device
3. Use paperclip to press reset button on back side of device and keep it pressed
4. Pull back in power cord to your box and wait for front leds to blink 3 times. After that release reset button
5. Wait for upgrade to finish
6. If you are upgrading from Gingerbread version of firmware (Android 2.3.4), repeat step 2 to 5 (when doing that, you will have no picture on your tv at all or it will be scrambled before upgrade starts -> that is normal behaviour)
7. Unplug your device from power and power it back on. On first start you will see welcome screen where you can set up your box parameters). Everything what is not set trough welcome screen, it can be done by going to Settings from launcher
8. Enjoy :-)


- MoviePlayer: added shadow to subtitles
- MoviePlayer: user selectable subtitle encoding
- MoviePlayer: if player starts for the first time, default codepage used is set based on system language (English/Croatian/Chineese)

- FileBrowser: Behaviour of Esc button is changed. When back or Esc on querty keyboard is clicked, FileBrowser goes folder up. When it is in root folder, it asks if you want to exit application

- Network: Start of samba implementation, it does not work (can't mount network shares, but shows list of available shares in network)

Known bugs/disadvantages:
- bootanimation does not look good, need to create new one
- Some translations in MoviePlayer and FileBrowser are english only for now (such as encoding selection in MoviePlayer and quiting FileBrowser message dialog)

I need feedback on this one :-)

Link to firmware: Download from - send big files the easy way
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