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so would it be better to rig up a broadcast receiver for smbd? also, if you go to a terminal and start smbd from there, 'su', 'smbd start' then switch over to network app, you can see what smbd is really only fires off and works when you connect up the share, then its job is complete so it stops. even in the terminal. you gotta go and type smbd start again to make it work again. it runs then dies. and needs a respawn every time you wanna run it. but it doesnt do it in 2.3.4. it starts in init.rc and works nonstop. wonder why? maybe newer sources like you said. kinda funny cos video with yours looks better than any other firmware i've tried. and flash is working amazing too. but mediaplayerservice stops running after 5 minutes of use. thats what logcat says. and it doesnt recognize the embedded tag for audio type in the netflix stream like it did in visson's firmware. stane1983, do you need any logs from me or anything that would help? also, youtube app just crashes upon open. that and netflix are a dealbreaker for me. if they don't work, then i gotta keep using visson's firmware. and i don't want to. i wanna use yours. its very nice.
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