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i have both phones.

the camera quality is the same on both phones to me for both pictures and video. the skyrocket has image stabilization but you will learn to take steady pictures on the nexus.

the battery life on my nexus is noticably better than the skyrocket.

i am not a root'r but the stock ICS on the nexus is really nice and basically the reason i bought it. i like unlocking the phone into camera, bookmarks are managed nicely, usb connecting to a pc does not require pressing any buttons, there is no at&t/samsung bloatware, it has softkeys and google ICS is really sleek and logical.

the nexus only has 16gb and the skyrocket is expandable. with cloud storage and google music this isn't an issue for me.

i think the skyrocket has faster gps lock but once locked both are the same.

the downside of the nexus softkeys is that the softkeys take up screen real estate so the skyrocket usable screen is actually bigger.

i think voice quality on the nexus is cleaner.

both are good phones. i like the nexus more simply due to the clean google ICS implementation and the better battery life.
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