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Originally Posted by chmodx View Post
I was waiting for a new phone, since both my contract and upgrade are due in September. But since Verizon decided to cancel unlimited data when you upgrade to a new device, I'm going to switch over to AT&T instead.

Here's my logic:
1. I'm in the DC area(99.99%) of the time. I already have an ATT iPhone from work and it works better than Verizon does.
2. Most phone deals, especially the Nexus devices in the market, are for GSM based services.
3. Screw you Verizon. First the pay to pay scheme, now the unlimited data being yanked out? Too big to fail sounds familiar, congrats on being the new Circuit City. I hate Verizon with a passion.
Let's see if I understand this...

On Item 2 Verizon offers the Galaxy Nexus as a subsidized phone and it is currently a $199.99 upgrade, thus your upgrading to a Nexus in September would probably be $199.99 plus a tiered data plan. Since you apparently would be starting a new contract with AT&T then for AT&T it would seem to be $399.99 from Google plus a tiered data plan. So the same Nexus phone available with both Verizon and AT&T, but apparently $200 more with AT&T.

On Item 3 you are mad at Verizon and going to leave because they are eliminating unlimited data plans for those with subsidized new phones or upgrades. And you are going to switch to a provider that already implemented the same concept and that also throttles anyone with an existing unlimited data plan that exceeds the amount of data supported by the tiered plans.

I'm having trouble seeing the logic other than that you're mad at Verizon.
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