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Even though you buy the device and do a month to month with AT&T, you still pay the same for service as if you were under contract.
For what it is worth, i have ended my contract with VZW. The way new phones come out and my addiction for them, it just made no sense to cripple myself with 2 years with one device!
I now own a new AT&T HTC One X. AT&T is much stronger in my area than VZW. I have no 4G with either carrier.
I walked into a AT&T store and bought the phone. I had ordered a sim card from Straight Talk. Installed it and am on AT&T towers with only $45 per month, no contract. Data use is NOT an issue for me so roughly 2gb (Straight Talks unknown limit......fair usage policies) is fine. I get download speeds of over 5 Mbps versus VZW of only 800 Kbps !!
$45 vs. $120 per month...............that alone will pay for the phone in 7 months!

NOT for everyone but in my case it just works still doing what Scary says............using my DX on wifi and it works fine
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