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Originally Posted by Mrhelper View Post
On a similar note, I would prefer that vendors provide owners a safe front door method to access root and then shut down back door root exploits as soon as they can. This would possibly reduce the incentive of developers to crack their own devices, because they would have already been granted access. I believe that this practice could reduce external root-based threats considerably. If something I own is locked so I'm restricted from using part of it, then I'm more likely to bring out the tools to break it open. If I already have the key, why do all that work? If vendors are concerned about the service issue, they could just include a read-only recovery ROM or a recovery SD card to restore the system to factory specs if needed for diagnostic purposes.

Android is open source... I guess I understand why devices have some sort of lock, so people can't just start messing and screw things up... but I 100% agree with you... if it was straight forward... an option to allow root access without having to hack/get round security, then it would be better. OK... put warnings on it saying that, should you allow yourself root access and screw your system, you are to blame, not the manufacturer!
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