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Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
Are you suggesting that replacing the Sense Launcher with any 3rd party launcher works around the aggressive mem management issue?
Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
I can't believe that an app designed to be run in the background (a service app), like System Panel would be killed. these should NEVER be killed automatically by the OS. Are people also reporting that their music players (especially non-Sense players) are quitting in the middle of other multitasking activity??
Originally Posted by novox77 View Post
Still curious if switching launchers works around the problem. Can't see how it would... but surely we have users out there running 3rd party launchers that could give us some data points?
It's crazy but true. You should've seen my disappointment and dread when I noticed that SystemPanel was constantly getting killed and that even Sense itself was frequently reloading -- I could go to AndroidForums, open up several threads as new tabs and then watch as my brand new phone started to freak out (I would get the "toast" notifications multiple times about how SystemPanel App was starting the monitoring service -- it was struggling to come back after dying).

When I was using Sense as a launcher, it was consuming ~200-250 MB of RAM, but with Apex, I'm at ~60-80 MB. I'm a little astounded too because I would just imagine regardless of how much RAM the launcher is taking up, that other apps would get kicked before High Priority ones, but it's really not clear what is going on under the hood. At any rate, using a new launcher has increased my happiness notably.

When I have time this weekend, I'll film a few videos of the memory management in action to help diagnose (and to get HTC off their butts with this whole "working as intended" garbage).
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