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Originally Posted by LouDaMan View Post
I finally have my battery issue fixed, but only because I was getting my MacBook Pro looked at for its battery issue; which then led me to look at my new fones problem.
I just got this phone (TMobile) about a month ago, and upon getting it I connected to my MacBook to transfer files, etc.; a couple of days after this connection I noticed that my new Mac was draining its battery at an alarming rate. Took it to Apple store, and they did diagnostics, couldn't find anything, but replaced my battery under contract. Next day, same issues with new battery. I decided to check Activity Monitor and I find something called 'Kies WiFi' using 98% of my cpu's and battery! Did some research, and found it's a huge issue with MBP's. Removed the program completely. No more problems. I then checked my new fone, did a factory reset, and made sure that this program didn't get any updates, etc. My battery life on my fone is now great. With normal use (some email, internet, Facebook, Twitter, games, etc), I start off with 100% at 6AM, and I still have about 80% 12 hrs later.
Hopefully, this can help someone. It seems that the Kies program either has something wrong with it, or it's just structured to constantly seek out connections with the network for updates, etc.
My highest thing is screen, which is at 56%. I wake up at 6:30am with 100% battery and by 2:30pm I'm down to 45% in standby with very very minimal usage...
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