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Originally Posted by setmeupnow View Post
{{{it sounds from your comments about the hat graphic and icon that you allready have clockwork. if thats the case,then you dont need to do anything else. go ahead and make a backup}}}

The directions in the OP had a note that said that for slcd users, this version of unrevoked was giving us an "old, non-compatible version of clockwork,so you will just see a black screen if you do not install newer clockwork as described above"

Shall I assume that because I did not get a black screen, and because I saw the hat graphic, that I have a version of clockwork that works for me? Or is the only way to know for sure when I actually try to boot into it again, or make a backup?

I will definitely buy the pro key. I figure I'll make a few backups. One "everything" backup, and then one of just apps and app data as advised.

I wanted to read more about making backups before trying it. Once I do that, I'll give it a shot and see what happens. It would be great if I didn't have to change the version of clockwork as indicated in the OP.
yup,if you saw the hat graphic,you are running a compaitble version. you followed the directions to direct unrevoked to a newer clockwork,wich is compatible. this guide has been some what of a "work in progress" and has chaged a few times as we figured things out. if you let unrevoked 3.21 install the cw that its packed with,then you would have had the black screen.

but sounds like youre good to go go ahead and boot to cw,and chose the option to make a backup(i dont run cw so i cant remember wat the menu options are)

Originally Posted by setmeupnow View Post
I was reading the guides on xda about nandroid and removing bloatware. It said that one could boot into clockworkmod by powering down, then holding power and vol down. That just put me into HBoot. I let it sit for a moment, but nothing changed, so I chose "power down" and rebooted normally.

Did I access something incorrectly? Or do i just need to follow the instructions for flashing clockwork with Rom manager?
from hboot,you need to select recovery with the power button and vol rocker. this will take you to either your stock recovery,or a custom recovery if installed.

Originally Posted by setmeupnow View Post
I'm researching this now. Somehow I doubt its really as simple as opening ROM Manager and pressing the "flash clockworkmod recovery" button...
if you are rooted,then its that simple. if not,then yes,its a lil more complicated

if youre s-off,then you just need to install clockwork as a PB31IMG,then flash root files(theres another guide stickied with more specific directions)

if your s-on,on froyo: run unrevoked 3.31

s-on,on GB:
-use this guide and unrevoked 3.21
-use the other sticky guide to unlock via htcdev

either way,id reccomend to follow the whole procedure and become s-off. especially with htcdev,its not a true,full unlock,so just use it as means to root and downgrade,then s-off.

hope that helps
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