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The applications button is how you access the app drawer. It is a typo on my part; PlayStore not play store. If you have the Superuser app you might be rooted.
Once you open up your PlayStore and sign in completely it will take you to the PlayStore main screen. Back out of the app, following any prompts.
Then go back into the PlayStore and download a terminal emulater (the one by Jack Palevich), and ES File Explorer.
Open up the terminal emulater and type in: su
You should be prompted by the Superuser app to allow/accept or deny. Accept/allow.
If you have a # after the su you are rooted.

If you got a $ after typing in su and you where not prompted by the Superuser app, then you are not rooted.

Note: To get the keyboard back select the menu button and select the "toogle soft keyboard option.

Now you need to check if Busybox has been installed.
Open up ES File Explorer and select the menu button and then settings.
In the settings you need to do all this:

File settings: Show hidden files, go to exit options and Others and select your preference's
View: Details
Home Directory: Delete all the /sdcard/ except for the first /
Turn on/enable: Up to Root
Turn on/enable: Root Explorer

Note: If you ever need to change, delete, or add a file/folder you need to Turn on/enable Mount File System to r/w. When your done remember to go back and Turn off/disable Mount File System to r/o.

Now Go back to the Main screen and scroll down and select: system.
Then look in the bin and xbin folder. If you have Busybox installed in one of those folders the first file should be named [ and the second should be named [[ .

If you don't see those two folders then you don't have Busybox installed and will need to go to the PlayStore and download a Busybox installer.

Open it up and select the /system/xbin (this is the xbin that was previously looked into) as the install location. The reason for this is the /system/bin is usually too full and doesn't have the room for a complete install and will give you an error.

Once done you are now ready to modd your phone.

Any Questions feel free to PM me and I will go to this thread to answer your already posted question as soon as I log in to the site.
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