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Originally Posted by AmyAndroid View Post
Thanks a lot for this tutorial. It sure simplifies things. But I think I am doing something wrong. My files get copied in a very disorderly manner. Afolder of over 500 slides of ques/ans gets copied disorderly....slide 1, then 10 etc. I have tried copying initially with the usb connected to my pc, the external drive and have even tried the webstorage( which took forever). All produced the same results. After this tutorial ,I ran to try again and its still same result. I am not tech savvy and I'v tried all I can. Can anyone PLS be kind enough to help? Will using an SD card be helpful?
It sounds like your problem relates to the names of your files. Try changing the picture numbered '1' to '001' and see what happens. You have over 500? So you will need zeros before all of your numbers, thus making the numbers either at least 3, but preferably 4 digits total (so '1' may need to be '0001', thus helping you if you ever get into the thousands).

Go online and find a reliable batch file renaming software so that you don't have to manually rename (although only slightly) hundreds of files. But make sure you read all the instructions for that software! As you can imagine, you could end up with a mess if you do not use the software properly.

Many softwares read numbers in file names from left to right (alphabetized like an encyclopedia or phone book), rather than seeing the number as a whole. So when the computer reads '1' it places it with the other numbers that begin with '1', rather than knowing that it is simply a single digit number (like how in the encyclopedia, 'I' is the first letter in the 'I' section because it's organized alphabetically. It's not placed right after 'A' because it's short in length). Additionally, software organization will put that '1' first in the list of the other numbers because, for example, in an encyclopedia you will see that 'to' comes before 'too' because it doesn't have the last letter. Thus, adding the proper number of Zeros before the numbers you're using should remedy all of your problems.

Hope this helps!
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