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Originally Posted by doesgo View Post
Got my A500 five days ago (Acer factory refurb off eBay), ...
Charge symbol on the screen had the lightning bolt through it as if it were charging and the on/off switch light was....flashing, I think?
What you describe, where the charge light was flashing may be abnormal and suggests a possible battery controller problem (which may be built into the battery). I recall that the light may flash for a while when the battery is nearly or completely dead, which is fairly standard behavior for many types of devices. The light should not typically flash while charging, at least not after a few seconds after starting from a dead battery. The light should be steady orange while charging, and then turn steady white when charged.

I'd personally hold off on shelling out cash for a new power adapter until after the warranty service. If they do determine it is an adapter problem, which seems possible regardless of the no-load voltage you measured, then they may send you one of the newer versions which have a longer and stronger cord. I have seen both, and the newer one looks and feels more robust than the older version.

What I am wondering about at this point is if you are seeing the reason why your particular a500 was refurbished in the first place. It seems possible they may have never addressed the original problem that caused the first owner to ship it back. I suppose it is also possible that when they refurbished, they replaced the battery with a defective part.
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