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I know, kind of generic, but it has everything I want on there. That vertical clock widget looks nice but it looks like it might not fit on my home screen, I'll have to check it out. For some strange reason the screen cap took a row of widgets out of the pic, I have a row of circular knobs that control things like screen brightness, volumes for various things and so forth and a quick lock button widget, that row is gone in this pic, that's odd. Why did it do that? It also shows my battery widget with the wrong number, my phone is docked and it's at 100, not 92, how the heck did it decide to show all this stuff wrong? How utterly weird! In fact, the calendar is even wrong, it's like this screen shot is from Saturday rather than today (Monday) but I never took a screen shot before, this is the first and only capture of the screen I have ever taken. Look at the calendar, it shows Sun/Mon...etc instead of Tue/Wed... What the heck?
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